Sport Medicine

Sport Medicine

Injury while performing any sports activity is a very common problem in our society. Most of the bone injuries are result from injuries only. Sports injuries not only happen to professional athletes but happen to many individuals on a frequent basis. This should be treated with care through a specialist orthopaedic with the help of sports medicine treatment.

Sports medicine is a subspecialty of the medicine field that deals with physical fitness, as well as the treatment and prevention of sports and exercise-related injuries. Professional athletes aren’t the only ones who benefit from sports medicine. In the promotion of value of exercise for a healthy life, as well as for various scientific assessment, analysis, and understanding of optimum sports rules, individuals also get severely injured. Sports Medicine bridges the gap between science and practice. Sports injury prevention and treatment, exercise for health, drugs in sport, and training and nutrition recommendations are all regular features.

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Kaddam Multispeciality Hospital is the provider of the top Orthopaedic treatments and the Best Sport Medicine in Bhiwani. We are open 24X7 for any emergency related to sport injury or any other trauma case with our team of skills professionals. We always have our specialised orthopaedic team ready for any condition. We are also equipped with the finest medical equipment for the best treatment of our patients. 


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The Most Significant Dissimilarities Between Athletic Therapy and Physiotherapy Treatment The primary distinction between sports therapy and physiotherapy is the scope of practice. In other words, both will deal with the same problems, such as musculoskeletal injury healing and prevention.

Apart from the sports focus, the fundamental distinction between the two areas is that a sports medicine specialist can treat a wide range of conditions, including surgery. Physical therapy, on the other hand, focuses solely on stretching and strengthening exercises and instruments to aid in the healing of orthopaedic injuries.

Kaddam Multispeciality Hospital’s orthopaedic department is one of Bhiwani’s leading orthopaedic hospitals. We have treated and guided many individuals regarding sport medicine through our sport injury and sport medicine expert doctor. Our surgeons have conducted numerous operations. We also have one of the best pieces of equipment for accurately detecting a variety of issues.

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Orthopaedic experts that work with athletes who have musculoskeletal ailments are known as sports medicine doctors. They’ve been educated to deal with any sports-related condition, including joint pain, osteoarthritis, and nutrition.

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Dr P.K Aanand (MS Orthopedic)
Dr. P.K. Anand

MS Orthopedic
30+ Years Experience

Dr Satyaveer Singh Dhankar (MS Orthopaedic)
Dr. S.S Dhankar

MS Orthopedic
15+ Years Experience

Dr Vivek Kumar (MS Orthopaedic) - Top Sport Injury Treatment Doctor
Dr. Vivek Kumar

MS Orthopedic
5+ Years Experience

DR. Vikram Deswal (MS , DNB Neurosurgery)
Dr. Vikram Deswal

MS (General Surgery)
DNB Neurosurgery

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