Fracture And Trauma Treatment

Fracture And Trauma Treatment

Fractures have become a major problem these days. This is because of the rapid changes in our lifestyle like a fast-moving lifestyle in a combination with food consisting of low nutrition which would make our bones strong.

A fracture is a break in the bone caused by applying more stress to the bone than it can tolerate. Broken bones are also known as fractures. Arm bones are more likely to be shattered than other bones. Sports injuries, falls from great heights, and bike and automobile accidents are all major causes of fractures. Fracture risk can be increased by poor nutrition, a low-calcium diet, and obesity.

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At Kaddam, we believe that providing high-quality clinical care to all of our patients is our top priority. We set solid quality standards, employ expert diagnoses and treatment plans, and upgraded infection and safety protocols to provide patients with the best possible care. Kadam Multispeciality Hospital features the most up-to-date instruments for performing trauma surgery 24 hours a day, seven days a week in laminar airflow operating theatres, as well as a fully equipped surgical intensive care unit. Trauma therapy has become highly specialised, to facilitate an early range of motion and joint mobility, as well as a quick return to functionality.


Frequently Asked Questions

Detecting a major or big fracture is not hard. If you notice any abnormal movement of your joints with severe pain and swelling of an area or joint then there is a high chance of fracture. Contact us or any near medical facility immediately in such a case.

The main problem arises in the detection of small fractures or cracks. If you have continuous pain combined with swelling check with your doctor and ask for an X-ray which will clearly clarify if there is a fracture or not.

Some of the few steps which you need to perform in case of fracture are:

  1. In case you are in your house or offices surrounded by your known one, tell them immediately about your condition and ask them to call for an ambulance or take you to the hospital.
  2. Don’t try to move frequently as it can cause much more complications.
  3. In case of any other injury like a cut, clean the wound through the water. Don’t rub or press any body part at all.
  4. Try applying ice packed in a cloth. Do not apply ice directly on the skin.
  5. Stay relaxed and wait for an ambulance or contact fracture specialist doctors.

The requirement for plaster or an operation will be decided by the treating doctors after analysing all your reports. You need not take any tension as we at Kaddam Multispeciality Hospital have the best orthopaedic doctors in Bhiwani who have successfully treated many such cases.

The level of work that you can do after your successful treatment depends heavily on the problem you were having. In case of a minor crack, you can do things that do not include lifting heavyweight starting from water in a bucket to washing heavy utensils. 

The type of work which you can do will be told by our expert orthopaedic doctors in Bhiwani or by your treating doctor.

Kaddam Multispeciality Hospital is the provider of the top Orthopaedic treatments in Bhiwani. We are open 24X7 for any emergency. We always have our specialised orthopaedic team ready for any condition. We are also equipped with the finest medical equipment for the best treatment of our patients.

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