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Dr P.K Aanand (MS Orthopedic)

Words Of Wisdom From Our Senior Orthopaedic Doctor

Restoration Of Musculoskeletal Performance To Pre-Injury Status Is Always Our Primary Aim And We Strive To Achieve The Same.

Dr. P.K Anand

Dr P.K Aanand (MS Orthopedic)
Dr. P.K. Anand

MS Orthopedic
32+ Years Experience

Dr Satyaveer Singh Dhankar (MS Orthopaedic)
Dr. S.S Dhankar

MS Orthopedic
17+ Years Experience

Dr Vivek Kumar (MS Orthopaedic) - Top Sport Injury Treatment Doctor
Dr. Vivek Kumar

MS Orthopedic
6+ Years Experience

DR. Vikram Deswal (MS , DNB Neurosurgery)
Dr. Vikram Deswal

MS (General Surgery)
DNB Neurosurgery

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