Poly-Trauma And Golden Hour Trauma Management

Poly-Trauma And Golden Hour Trauma Management

This condition is considered critically serious by doctors as the patients have two or more severe injuries in at least two parts of the body. The occurrence of traumatic shock can lead to various concerns like a risk to one or more vital organs of our body. At least one of two or more injuries, or the total of all injuries, puts the life of the polytrauma victim in danger.

The “golden hour” refers to the first 60 minutes following a traumatic injury, which is the most critical period in determining the patient’s outcome. The faster the treatment starts the better it is for the patient. For more than four decades, the idea that definitive resuscitative trauma care must be started inside this early window has been promoted, taught, and performed all throughout the world.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Polytrauma occurs when a patient has numerous injuries, some of which may be life-threatening or cause considerable impairment. Motor vehicle accidents are the most common cause of polytrauma worldwide; other causes include suicide and homicide attempts.


Because polytrauma causes the body’s many systems to fail, it necessitates a team of specialists capable of treating each system’s problems in combination with the others.

The term “golden hour” is widely used to describe the critical requirement for trauma patient care. This concept means that if treatment is not started within the first hour following an injury, it will have an impact on morbidity and death. Much of our present trauma system is justified by this premise.

The quality of our treatment can be quantified by the huge appointment booking number of patients. Our Orthopaedic physicians and the supporting team at the orthopaedic department, Kaddam Multispeciality Hospital have a high degree of knowledge and experience and are in combination with one of the finest pieces of equipment for the accurate detection of many problems.

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Kaddam Multispeciality Hospital is the only Trauma Center In Bhiwani Backed By a 24*7 Critical Care Team. The first few hours of treatment in combination with critical problem detection like the severeness of injury, the level of fractures, etc plays a vital role in saving a patient’s life. All these are taken care of in a perfect manner at Kaddam Multispeciality Hospital’s Orthopaedic Department with its Critical Care team of experts staffs and all specialist doctors.

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