Hip And Knee Replacement Surgery

hip and best knee replacement surgery in bhiwani

Hip And Knee Replacement Surgery

Hip and knee replacements are two of the most popular orthopaedic surgery procedures. Both treatments are quite effective at relieving pain, correcting deformity, and improving patient mobility, allowing patients to reclaim their quality of life and resume their usual activities.

When Do You Need A Knee And Hip Replacement Surgery?

  • Pain and stiffness : It may be the correct time for replacing your old joint if it starts hurting very much. Also, you should consider a Knee and Hip replacement surgery if you are facing it hard for you to walk, get up, climb-up stairs or do various other activities. It is also advisable to consult top orthopaedics near you if the pain prevails for more than 6 months.
  • Affecting Your Daily Life : Regular pain in the knees or hips leads to various problems while leading a normal life. You must consider going for a Knee and Hip replacement surgery when you find that your pain is affecting your daily life.
  • Bone Damage : A person with critical bone damage should go with a Knee and Hip replacement surgery. This will help the patient lead a much healthy life without facing any kind of problem regarding their damaged bone.
  • Deformity: A person having swollen knee or bowled leg should go for Knee and Hip replacement surgery to lead a happy life without any difficulty.
  • Other Treatment Not Working : If a person is going through treatment regarding Knee and Hip pain but is unable to get rid of them, then they should consider the option of Knee and Hip replacement surgery.

Top Orthopaedic Hospital In Bhiwani For A Reason

We Care About Your Bone Health

The orthopaedic physicians at Kaddam are vastly experience in the problems related to your musculoskeletal system, from injuries to diseases, we are adept in dealing with all. 

How can we minimize our musculoskeletal problems?

Every one of us should take care of his body by spending a few minutes of the day on our health. Perform regular exercises, yoga walks and runs. Eat a very balanced diet with adequate protein, carbohydrates & fats. Keep a check on your bony health by regularly taking food and supplement rich in calcium & getting enough exposure to the Sun.

Despite the best of our efforts we tend to fall sick or experience injuries. God forbid, if any such situation arises you can bank upon the expert and experienced team of orthopedists at Kaddam Hospital. We are ready 24×7 and shall try our best to to relive your mesiry and restore your health. 

Get yourself treated by the finest orthopaedic doctors in Bhiwani for knee and hip joint pain at Kaddam Multispeciality Hospital now.


Frequently Asked Questions

A Total Knee Replacement Surgery or Total Hip Replacement Surgery is an elective operation whose decision is taken by the patient only. The doctor can only suggest you go with an operation when he finds it had become necessary. You should make the final call after considering parameters like pain, problems facing while working, etc when deciding on the operation. As a responsible hospital, we will suggest you go for surgery as soon as the doctor is prescribing so that you face the least from the problem.

It has been observed that in most Knee replacement surgeries and hip replacement surgery, it takes around 4-6 weeks for a patient to move easily. Follow the suggestions provided by your doctor while performing various activities after the surgery.

Yes, you will have to move in a slow manner with the help of sticks or various other supportive tools for a few weeks after the operation.

The quality of our treatment can be quantified by the huge appointment booking number of patients. Our Orthopaedic physicians and the supporting team at the orthopaedic department, Kaddam Multispeciality Hospital have a high degree of knowledge and experience and are in combination with one of the finest pieces of equipment for the accurate detection of many problems.

You can view our doctors and their experience by clicking here.

Total knee or hip replacement surgery is a safe and successful operation that helps patients regain mobility and return to daily activities. These replacements produce reliable and long-lasting outcomes. Anaesthesia, pain management, and physiotherapy advancements have made it possible for patients to resume normal activities quickly following joint replacement surgery.

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